To open the website’s admin panel, add “/wp-admin” to the url.

To update the about page or the contact page, find them in the “Pages” from the Dashboard left sidebar and click “Edit”. Make your changes and click “Update” to save.

If at any time you erase any work and can’t see how to restore it, just click out of the page without clicking “Update” and your changes will not get saved.


To add a new series, go to “Series > Add New” and follow all the following steps:

  • Give the new series a title. The url will be automatically generated from this, turning the title into all-lower-case words, hyphenated.
  • Click “Add Media”. this will open the media library, from which you can either select already-uploaded images, or else upload a new image or a new batch of images.
  • After clicking “Create Gallery” (if you are making a new slideshow), click “Upload files” and click “Select Files” to browse to the images you want to add from your computer. Once you have them selected, click “Open”.
  • Then click the “Create New Gallery” link and “Insert into Post”.
  • Also click “Set Featured Image” to choose a representative image for the thumbnail that will represent the series. If you have just uploaded the full set for the slideshow, it will be easy to find in the media library.
  • Scroll down the page to select the type of slideshow that is appropriate for this series (single image for the ones that slide in form the right, Panorama for the panorama-style slideshows, and Cross-fade for the pen and ink drawings with sculptures in the same place in each image).
  • When you are all ready, click “Publish” to publish the slideshow.


If you want to add/delete images from an existing slideshow, click on any image in the gallery to bring up the edit options. DON’T click the “X” here or the whole slideshow will be erased. Rather, click the pencil icon next to it to open the gallery in edit mode. Then you will see that every thumbnail has an “X” allowing you to delete individual images. You can also add new images here and move the images into new positions. When you are finished, click “Update”.